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Accelerate Your Business Growth with Strategic Clarity and Confidence

Are you an ambitious SME or startup? You might be burning cash and energy on random marketing tactics. Likely, you’re not seeing a positive return on your investment. Budgets are tight, and competition is fierce.

With 24 years of experience in strategic marketing, product development, and digital transformation, I (Sid Kathirvel) join you as your Strategic Growth Partner. My role? To ensure your success and that of your team.

First, we’ll gain absolute clarity on your ideal customers’ needs, motivations, and behaviours. Using these insights, we’ll position your business to stand out, delivering the right messages at the right moments during the customer journey. With confidence, we’ll set clear objectives and make informed choices about how to engage with those customers effectively.

By prioritising strategy and controlled experimentation, I ensure you stop wasting money on ineffective tactics and start growing sustainably.

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I’ve Been Trusted By

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“Sid’s contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary. He consistently demonstrates exceptional strategic thinking, anticipating market trends and positioning the company for success.”

Lars Kischkel

Chief Commercial Officer, UJAM

How I Help Your Business Grow

Growth Strategy

Unlock your business’s growth with strategies rooted in deep customer insights, tailored to your unique goals. Through workshops, coaching, and hands-on support, we (you, your team, and I) develop and implement strategies that guide us to success.

Growth Marketing

Scale your brand’s influence through growth experimentation, compelling content, and standout tactics. I help you set clear strategic objectives and rally your teams behind them, ensuring that every effort is purposeful and measurable.

Digital Transformation

Build products that your customers love. Boldly embrace generative AI, automation, and data to make significant leaps in operations and decision-making. I equip you with the most effective systems and technology to support your growth goals.

Coaching and Mentoring

Strong leadership and cohesive teams shape your organisation’s future. Collaboration and excellence are the pillars of success. I foster your team’s growth mindset through tailored group coaching and one-on-one mentoring programmes.

Brands I’ve Helped Grow

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“Sid’s unwavering support and insightful guidance have been instrumental in overcoming various challenges, and achieving many successes.”

Alex Cowland

Growth Marketing Specialist, KROTOS

“Sid grasps the vision of your business and builds bespoke technologies to support our digital requirements and business growth. He delivers no matter how complex the task might be.”

Lorne Blyth

Founder, Flavours Holidays

Track Record of High-Growth Success


Month-over-month MRR growth, first year from the launch of Krotos Studio


Week-over-week MRR growth, first year from the launch of Krotos Studio


Projected annual ARR growth during FY 2023-24 for Krotos Studio


Year-over-year revenues at Flavours Holidays and Lenses in Glasses

My ROOTS Strategic Growth Method

Your growth challenges are symptoms of a deeper root cause—the absence of an effective growth strategy. ROOTS is a systematic approach that consolidates the absolute essentials for building a solid foundation for your business’s growth.

  1. Research: We conduct thorough customer interviews to understand their evolving needs, anxieties, and habits and identify product/service innovation opportunities.
  2. Outshine: We stand out and differentiate from competitors by positioning your product or service based on market insights and customer jobs to be done.
  3. Observe: We map the customer journey, identifying stages and gaps to discover opportunities and where nimble adjustments can yield significant benefits.
  4. Theme: We craft coherent and compelling messaging that reinforces your core value proposition while ensuring consistency across all communication channels.
  5. Strategise: We develop a strategic action plan with clear, measurable goals and identify which channels and tactics to focus on.

Enough with superficial fixes. Grow sustainably from the roots up.

A thriving tree, growing from the roots up

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