Growth Marketing Programme

Accelerate Growth. Customers, Revenue, Impact

Gain the strategic clarity and confidence you desperately seek in marketing.

You have the drive for growth. But you are battling in a competitive, saturated market. Your every marketing decision weighs heavy with the promise of growth or the risk of stagnation.

At Unlock Growth, I (Sid) understand that pain deeply. For 24 years, I have helped SMEs overcome their challenges.

I am the strategic partner who fights beside you.

How? I listen, strategise, and empower you and your team with the growth mindset, proficiency, and tools to compete lead in your market. I guide and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to transform your marketing from a challenge into your most powerful growth lever?

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I’ve Been Trusted By

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Minimise stress.
Maximise marketing impact.

Only a partner who deeply understands your challenges can help you overcome them—not just with broad strokes advice but with tailored and actionable strategies. I help make your efforts more cohesive, your team more focused, and your investments more accountable.

Hitting a growth wall with limited resources?

You are doing everything you know, have learned, and have been advised to do. Yet, you are getting nowhere. Your competitors are everywhere—on social media, ads, blogs, videos, influencers, etc. You desire a bigger marketing team but do not have an unlimited budget.

I bring a strategic and methodical approach to growth rather than asking you to throw more money and people at your challenges.

Juggling too many hats; not enough expertise?

Your team is stretched thin. While everyone is pushing hard, to the best of their abilities, you feel the lack of senior marketing leadership. It’s not simply about working harder; you wish your team had a mentor to help them prioritise ruthlessly and work smarter.

I bring 24 years of expertise, insights, and learnings. I help you and your team build discipline and habits to adopt and master growth marketing.

Relying on and struggling to see ROI from outsiders?

Working with freelancers and agencies often feels disjointed. You find it challenging to keep everyone on the same page. Sometimes, you wonder, “Are they all pulling in the same direction?” You are left questioning the value you are getting.

I bring clarity by defining your North Star metric and short—and long-term goals. KPIs guide what’s working and what’s not so you can invest your budget wisely.

The 3 Steps to Unlock Your Growth

I am not just an advisor or a consultant. I am your partner in growth. We (you, your team, and I) are in this together, every step of the way—focused on getting your marketing to deliver measurable and scalable success.

1. Diagnose your status quo

We start by really getting to know your customers and business model inside out. We dive deep. We then dissect your current marketing, pinpoint your challenges, and unveil growth opportunities. Think of it as a health check for your business’s growth potential.

2. Strategise your action plan

We establish your key success metrics. We develop a strategic action plan that aligns with your business’s unique goals. It will be concise and actionable—not a generic template document handed to you and forgotten about. This strategic blueprint outlines the priorities, plans to achieve them, and metrics to align and guide everyone.

3. Execute, learn, and iterate

Everyone rolls up their sleeves and implements the plan! I offer hands-on support and coaching for you, your team, and outsiders, too—growth is everyone’s responsibility. We ensure the right metrics are being tracked. I hold you and your team accountable through weekly check-in calls. ‘Execute, learn, and iterate’ is the proven approach to finding your growth levers.

Sid Kathirvel

Brands I’ve Helped Grow

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Track Record of High-Growth Success


Month-over-month MRR growth, first year from the launch of Krotos Studio


Week-over-week MRR growth, first year from the launch of Krotos Studio


Projected annual ARR growth during FY 2023-24 for Krotos Studio


Year-over-year revenues at Flavours Holidays and Lenses in Glasses

Growth Programmes and Package Pricing

Invest based on the stage of your business’s growth.

At Unlock Growth, I believe in straightforward, transparent pricing that matches your needs at every step of your growth journey. Whether you’re looking to solidify your foundation, accelerate your market presence, or dominate your industry, I have the right package for you. Explore the tailored plans below, each crafted to deliver measurable success and real value within your budget. After all, growing your customer base and making a meaningful impact should deliver financial success for your business.

We develop your growth strategy in all programmes. The level of hands-on support through tailored live workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions, work-together sessions, and customer interviews increases with the programme tiers. You’ll find every feature explained below the table.


1-Week Programme


Establish a solid marketing foundation and begin your growth journey.

For start-ups and early-stage businesses.

Founder + 1 Team Members

Strategy Development

4 x Tailored Live Workshops

Q&As and Discussions

Playbooks + Templates


4-Week Programme


Amplify your reach and impact by systematising your marketing initiatives.

For businesses running some marketing activities.

Founder + 2 Team Members

Adaptive Strategy Dev.

4 x Tailored Live Workshops

Q&As and Discussions

Playbooks + Templates


8-Week Programme


Accelerate and scale your impact and revenues through growth hacking experiments.

For established businesses driven for rapid growth.

Founder + 3 Team Members

Adaptive Strategy Dev.

6 x Tailored Live Workshops

4 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

8 x Work-Together Sessions

Growth Experiments

Weekly Metrics Review

Hands-on Support

Q&As and Discussions

Playbooks + Templates


12-Week Programme


Lead your market with deep partnership and extended hands-on support.

For established businesses seeking dominance.

Founder + 4 Team Members

Adaptive Strategy Dev.

6 x Tailored Live Workshops

8 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

12 x Work-Together Sessions

4 x Customer Interviews

Growth Experiments

Weekly Metrics Review

Hands-on Support

Q&As and Discussions

Playbooks + Templates

Sid Kathirvel

Why Sid as Your Partner?

  • Battle-tested methodologies used by high-growth companies
  • Strategies that are rooted in data and deep customer insights
  • A wealth of experience, expertise, and lessons learned—I pack 24 years!
  • Hands-on implementation support beyond advice and consultancy
  • Up-to-date through courses, conferences, books, and peer mentoring
  • Genuine partnership, knowledge sharing, and growth mindset

How do these programmes support your growth?

Tailored Live Workshops

Tailored live workshops ensure your team gains the vital skillset to grow your business. These workshops address core growth marketing methodologies and your business’s unique needs. Each workshop is customised based on insights gained during our initial discovery calls.

We focus on critical areas such as cultivating a growth mindset, mastering deep customer insights through Jobs-to-be-Done interviews and the Four Forces of Progress analysis, honing competitive Positioning, uncovering growth opportunities along your customer’s Five Stages of Awareness, crafting messaging that resonates with your customers, and building landing pages that convert. You learn about North Star, OKRs, and key metrics to guide your strategic decisions, followed by the growth experimentation methodology.

Live workshops include a targeted presentation, interactive Q&A, and post-session debrief documentation. These are not group workshops where you are bundled with a dozen other companies—it’s just you and your team—solely focused on your business’s growth.

In the Thrive tier, more time is dedicated to each topic for deeper exploration and additional workshops on identified key channels like Blogging, SEO, Paid Ads, and Email Marketing.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Following the momentum of the live workshops, these 1:1 coaching sessions are crafted to deepen your understanding and application of the methodologies and strategies discussed.

Expect a dynamic discussion, focused Q&As to clarify doubts, debates to challenge and refine ideas, and collaborative strategy development. These sessions perfectly align your strategy and tactics with your business’s objectives.

1:1 coaching sessions are held the day after each workshop (or on the same day for immediate impact). I review your team’s feedback and questions from the workshops to tailor our discussion and ensure we address your most pressing needs. In a post-session debrief, I document the discussions and outline the strategic next steps, providing continuity and clarity for our partnership.

In the Thrive tier, we offer more time to tackle complex issues and ensure that strategies can adapt to growth experiments’ learning outcomes. This personalised approach helps your team understand and own the growth strategies. Plus, it empowers them to implement strategies confidently.

Work-Together Sessions

Do you value learning through doing? Work-together sessions are for you! I join you and your team right in the trenches. l support you in seamlessly integrating the newly learned methodologies and strategies into daily operations, boosting your marketing effectiveness and business growth.

Think of these sessions as intensive office hours where I’m not merely advising from the sidelines but actively engaging in your efforts. This hands-on support is crucial for transforming theoretical knowledge from workshops and coaching into effective, actionable tasks.

I support you in directly implementing the strategies, troubleshooting, offering real-time feedback, and refining processes. Bring along your most pressing challenges. We tackle them head-on. If we don’t resolve something in one session, we revisit it in the following work-together session, ensuring a comprehensive resolution. These sessions are designed to shorten the learning curve, foster a disciplined approach, and embed a habit of continuous improvement within your team.

This structure is like having an interim Director of Marketing or fractional Chief Marketing / Growth Officer (CMO / CGO) at your disposal—guiding, adjusting, and driving your marketing forward in real-time.

In the Thrive tier, these sessions extend further, providing even more time to address complex issues and adapt to the outcomes of growth experiments.

Customer Interviews

Making customer interviews the basis of your strategy ensures your marketing efforts are consistently attuned to your audience’s evolving expectations, driving sustained growth and market relevance.

These interviews help us gain a deep understanding of your customers’ motivations, needs, and behaviours. They also embed a customer-centric approach within your team’s culture.

I lead a few initial interviews and empower your team with the skills to conduct future ones independently, ensuring you maintain a continuous pulse on customer insights.

A pre-interview call helps us discuss the customer’s background and tailor our questions. We conduct the interviews via a recorded online video call, always with the customer’s consent. This format allows us to capture nuances and subtleties in their responses, which are crucial for deeper analysis. Following the interview, we debrief to extract actionable insights. We translate observations into strategic actions that help refine your marketing strategies, messaging, and product/service offerings.

For those in lower tiers, while customer interviews are not included due to time constraints, I equip your team with the ability to conduct them effectively and independently. You also have to opportunity to upgrade your tier or get additional time based on my standard rates for running customer interviews.

Growth Experimentation

Growth experimentation is a methodical approach to testing and learning. It isn’t just about big leaps; it’s often a series of small, deliberate, and informed steps. This helps accelerate progress, sustainably. Growth experimentation removes the guesswork and helps you grow with precision.

We establish a collaborative backlog of tactics and initiatives aligned with your growth objectives. This spreadsheet captures a range of ideas from all stakeholders. Each idea is fleshed out with a hypothesis and success metrics. The ideas are scored by cost, effort, and potential impact. We prioritise high-potential initiatives, so your team can focus on impactful work. This prioritisation ensures that your team is effective—doing the 10% that will drive 90% of your growth.

As you implement the initiatives, we continuously learn from real-world feedback and data, allowing us to rapidly validate ideas and then double down and scale those that show traction.

This disciplined, systematic approach significantly reduces wasted time and budget, sharpening your team’s focus on what truly works for your business.

Weekly Metrics Review

Periodic and systematic evaluation is crucial to maintaining your marketing efforts’ relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Your North Star metric and KPIs are monitored on a custom dashboard that provides a clear snapshot of the performance of our strategic initiatives.

Each week, I analyse these metrics with you (and the relevant stakeholders). We interpret the data, contextualise the numbers, and strategise necessary adjustments. These reviews give you confidence and are crucial for keeping our strategies tightly aligned with your business goals and making agile, real-time adjustments to our approach. You remain fully informed and in command of how your growth strategies unfold.

Following our review call, I document the key insights, decisions, and planned actions. This documentation ensures continuity, accountability, and easy progress tracking over time.

This metrics review process fine-tunes your marketing tactics and embeds a disciplined, data-driven culture within your team. We ensure that every step taken is strategic and impactful.

Adaptive Strategy Development

Strategy development needs to be adaptive and tailored to your business’s specific needs and challenges.

In the first week, we lay down a skeleton framework—a preliminary strategy that is both actionable and testable. By incorporating insights from our workshops, coaching sessions, growth experiments, and weekly reviews, your strategy becomes a living document, continuously optimised to accommodate new learnings and opportunities.

This approach ensures that the strategy we develop is deeply rooted in your business and customers, making it effective rather than a generic playbook.

The Seed tier is a short one-week programme, so strategy development will be limited rather than adaptive. You have the opportunity to upgrade your tier or get additional time based on my standard rates.