Product Positioning Service / Exercise

Strategically Position Your Product To Make It Stand Out

Are you struggling to stand out in a competitive market? Or to clarify the introduction of a new, innovative product?

Positioning is the cornerstone of effective marketing. It guides your product’s narrative and ensures it resonates with your target audience.

At Unlock Growth, I (Sid) specialise in crafting effective positioning strategies that distil deep customer insights into clear, compelling narratives. Using Jobs-to-be-Done methodologies and April Dunford’s acclaimed product positioning framework, I help you communicate what makes your product unique and why it matters to your customers.

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How You’ll Benefit From The Positioning Exercise

Clarity and Differentiation

Are you having trouble communicating what sets you apart? I help you articulate your product’s / service’s unique value propositions using language that your customers understand to bolster recognition and loyalty.

Service / Product Market Fit

Is your service or product struggling to connect with the right audience? I help you align your offerings with your target market’s specific needs and desires (emotional + social), driving increased engagement and sales.

Strategic Direction

Are your service or product marketing efforts disjointed and inconsistent? I help you develop a cohesive positioning strategy that supports you in aligning all your initiatives can be executed with consistency and efficiency.

How We’ll Develop Your Positioning Strategy

1. Deep Customer Insights

We (you, your team, and I) begin by understanding your customers’ jobs to be done (JTBD). We uncover the motivations, anxieties, and desired outcomes that drive their behaviour through comprehensive interviews and the Four Forces of Progress analysis.

2. Data-Driven Clarity

Leveraging quantitative surveys and market data, we validate our findings and fill in any gaps using generative AI. This ensures a complete and accurate picture of your competitive landscape, providing the foundation for a robust positioning strategy.

3. The Positioning Framework

We distil the insights into a clear positioning strategy and statement using April Dunford’s framework. The statement articulates your unique value proposition, differentiates you from competitors, and highlights the benefits that matter most to your customers.

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Why Choose Unlock Growth for Your Positioning?

  • Proven Methodologies: My approach combines battle-tested frameworks with cutting-edge gen AI technology to deliver actionable insights.
  • Tailored Strategies: I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. My strategies are customised to your business’s unique needs and market forces.
  • Expert Guidance: With 24 years of experience in strategic marketing and product management, I ensure your positioning is both impactful and sustainable.

Step-By-Step Positioning Process

1. Discover

  • Conduct Jobs-to-be-Done interviews
  • Perform the Four Forces of Progress analysis
  • Gather and analyse quantitative survey data

2. Distill

  • Use generative AI to enrich data insights
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and market forces

3. Define

  • Apply April Dunford’s positioning framework
  • Craft a positioning statement that clearly defines your brand’s unique value proposition

4. Deploy

  • Implement the positioning strategy across all marketing channels
  • Ensure consistency in messaging and brand communication