The ROOTS Strategic Growth Methodology

Are you looking to grow your business but find yourself struggling? Your challenges are symptoms of a deeper root cause—the absence of an effective growth strategy.

Introducing ROOTS: The strategic growth methodology. It’s a systematic approach that consolidates the absolute essentials for building a solid foundation for your business’s growth.

ROOTS blends battle-tested frameworks with deep insights to ensure sustained growth and adaptability in competitive markets.

ROOTS is a five-step method:

  1. Research: Begin by deeply understanding your customers’ needs, circumstances, and motivations through Job-to-be-Done interviews and the Four Forces of Progress analysis.
  2. Outshine: Differentiate your product from the competition using April Dunford’s expert insights on Positioning.
  3. Observe: Analyse the customer journey from unaware to most aware to uncover opportunities through the Five Stages of Awareness.
  4. Theme: Craft coherent and compelling messaging with the Message House framework, ensuring consistency across all communication channels.
  5. Strategise: Finally, develop a Strategic Action Plan with clear, measurable goals, identifying key channels and tactics to focus on.

Enough with superficial fixes. Grow sustainably from the roots up.

Let’s discuss how ROOTS can help you overcome your business struggles and unlock your growth potential.

A thriving tree, growing from the roots up